Special Needs Children

There’s a lot of talk going around lately about special needs children.  These children, or their parents, are commanding special classrooms, special schoolhouses in some cases, special doors, sidewalks, tutors, and all sorts other things.  They should have those special things.  Especially if those special things enhance their education or quality of life at school, home, and at play.

But aren’t all children special needs children of a sort?  What about the child who needs to have drum lessons because his best friend is taking them?  And the child who needs a new outfit to wear to school at least once every, single week?  Or the one who is so special that she only eats foods that are white so very special care must be made when packing her lunch?  Deny these requests and the reasons for their special-ness will flow like a fountain.

Special needs children aren’t just those struggling with physical, mental, or developmental issues.  Every child is unique, with special needs as unique as the child.

When it’s the creative and artistic nature of a child that is the gift, he or she will excell in a learning environment designed to stimulate these talents and learn alongside other special needs children of similar performance levels.

Scholars of mathematics and the sciences are often considered special needs children, especially in joking fashion by their peers.  After all, conversations with these deep and abstract thinkers can seem like speaking a foreign language.

Most schools and parents alike encourage the special needs children with exceptional athletic abilities.  Stadiums, baseball fields, swimming pools, and room for lots of adoring spectators are part of school campuses everywhere.

Got kids?  They’re all special needs children.  Just ask them.