Some tips for patients on MRI safety when taking the test

If you’ve been told recently that you may need to take an MRI test, there are some things you should know about MRI safety. First and foremost, you should let your doctor know immediately if you have anything metal in your body such as a pacemaker, metal plate, or other device that has any metal in it. If the doctor runs the test with such metal in your body, it can not only cause inaccurate results, but it could also hurt you as the patient as the MRI could cause the device to malfunction. Some other tips for MRI safety include how to deal with the test itself. Since the test is taken laying down, it’s important that you try to remain as still as possible. Most likely you will be “strapped in”, but staying still is very important to get accurate results and to avoid injury. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and try to relax while in the MRI machine.

Those who suffer from claustrophobia may have some issue with MRI safety. People who are afraid of small spaces may have a panic attack or something similar. If you are afraid of small places or spaces, let your doctor know ahead of time, and they may be able to administer some kind of medication that can help to calm your nerves. Panicking is definitely something you want to avoid. Remember that the MRI is being done to help you, and the process while it may seem slow, usually doesn’t take too long. Ask your doctor about other MRI safety tips so that you can be fully prepared the day of the test and can avoid any mishaps or injuries. Overall, the MRI is a very safe and effective test that helps doctors find problems with no invasive measures and no ill side effects like some other forms of medical testing.