Sciatic:  pertaining to the ischium

Sciatica is a form of neuritis ( inflammation of a nerve ) characterized
by severe pain along the sciatic nerve and its branches.  The pain
radiates into one or both buttocks and descends to the back of the leg
or legs, it results from the compression of the sciatic nerve at the base
of the spine.  There are many causes of this disorder, but probably
the most common are rupture of a disk between the lower lumbar vertebrae
and arthritis of the lower part of the spinal column. It can be cause by
poor posture and or muscle strain.


Pain radiating into one or both buttocks, down the back of the thigh
and down the leg and even foot.

Pain may be a burning feeling

Pain can be dull or sharp

Numbness and weakness

May be aggravated by lilting and or strenuous activity

Usually affects one side of the body. 

An intermittent or continuous, shooting and or burning pain.

Your doctor may do a CT scan, MRI and or X-ray


Physical therapy may be recommended

Your doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory medication called NSAID’s,
such as Naprosyn. or  Motrin,  There are many others!

Your doctor may prescribe muscle relaxants, and or narcotics

Your doctor may prescribe corticosteroids medication.

To help ease the pain, try sleeping with a pillow under or between your
knees. Avoid sleeping on your stomach, sleep on your back and or side with
your knees bent. A firm mattress is recommended.

If pain persists for more than 72 hours with no relief, accompanied
by leg and or foot weakness, * Call your doctor promptly.