Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome:    Is a
neurological disorder. Patients who suffers from this disorder feel a tingling
or a crawling sensation deep in the legs, sometimes patients complain of
pain and a burning sensation and have the need to move their legs to relieve
the discomfort.  The symptoms is usually worst at night and can lead
to insomnia. It may also be brought on by excessive use of caffeine products,
it has also been link to folic acid and iron deficiencies.


Tingling sensation deep in the legs


May experience a burning and or crawling sensation in the legs

Often feels it at night

Insomnia and or disturbance of sleep pattern


Relieving Pain, Your doctor may prescribe anywhere from simple over
the counter medication to something stronger.

Your doctor may prescribe medication used to treat Parkinson’s disease.

With all medication use as prescribed by your doctor

 * Call your doctor if you experience the above symptoms so
your doctor can evaluate you and give you the proper course of treatment. 
The symptoms above resembles those of Deep vein thrombosis, and or any
other neurological disorders, Kidney disease, Parkinson’s and many others.
It is important to be diagnosis and treated properly by your Physician