Top Medical Schools

A bright future in the field of medicine can only be assured in top
medical schools. The choice of a medical school is crucial if you are
thinking of making a career in this field. It would require thorough
evaluation of various features of the top medical schools and narrow
down to the best one that you feel is best cut for your needs.

schools in America are generally categorized into two segments –
focusing on primary care and others concentrating on research. Both
these have a sort of hierarchy considering the reputation. It is
unreasonable to establish a medical school on the top and the some
other at the nadir. However, there are schools that are nowhere near
the reputable medical schools.

This does not imply that you
can just get yourself into the top medical schools without paying the
price. The top medical schools have higher requirements with respect to
the GPA (Grade Point Average) for admission eligibility. The reputed
medical schools also conduct tougher medical entrance tests for
admission. Some of the others things that should be considered are your
student’s state of residence and your deftness in writing application

Of course, you must look for top medical institutions,
which have high rankings and produce quality doctors. Nonetheless,
there is much more to the school than just reputation. You must see if
the school offers the kind of medicine study that you want to practice.
It depends whether you want to study medical research or direct care of

Another important aspect is the quality of
education in that field of medicine offered there. Now, if the
institute does not offer you the kind of education that you are looking
for, you are sure to be dissatisfied. This might make it difficult for
you to complete the course on time. In such a situation, you would be
losing some of your valuable years that you could have enjoyed as a

The debate of the medical school rankings makes is
difficult to determine, which are top medical schools. It would be
vital for you to know there can be no single method for determining
these rankings and every medical school considers itself as the best.
However, here are some of the top medical schools for research and
primary care in U.S:

  • Some of the top medical
    schools for research according to the US News’ ranking – Washington
    University in St. Louis, Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University,
    Duke University of Pennsylvania and University of California San
  • Some of the top medical schools for primary
    care – Oregon Health & Science University, University of California
    San Francisco, University of Washington, Mich. State U. Coll. of
    Osteopathic Medicine and University of Minnesota Duluth.

However, the bottom line reads that the reputation of the school would not save you anyway, if you fail to complete the course.