Medical Transcriptionist

The Medical Transcription job revolves round documenting the patient
records and the professional who does it is known as the medical
transcriptionist. With the rising common awareness of the multiple
benefits of medical treatments, patient-record documentation has become
vital. Today, a medical transcriptionist is always exposed to a very
challenging environment with interesting and ever- changing subject

Job Of A Medical Transcriptionist

In the
United States, the job of the doctors and the medical professionals are
to maintain a medical record of the patients in detail. By using a
Dictaphone or a voice recorder, the medical professionals collect the
detail record of the patient. Then, comes the job of the Medical
Transcriptionist, who transcribes the audio recordings of the doctor,
either in the printed format or as electronic data. The stored data
enables the medical professionals to have access to it, irrespective of
time and place.

Whether it is hospitals or any other
medical service providing bodies, the demand for medical
transcriptionist are constantly on the rise. This process of
maintaining data enables the hospitals to maintain a permanent record
of the patients so that the records can be stored for later use, if the
situation demands. With the advent of computer and modern Hifi
technology, the job of the Medical Transcriptionist has become easy and
uncomplicated. They just transcribe the digital recordings on to their
computers and upload them after the transcription is completed. The MT
also involves some editing job.

The Medical
Transcriptionist job is usually done from hospitals and offices. These
days, however, transcriptionists have the option of working from the
comforts of their home as well. Some work from libraries.

Educational Requirement

be a Medical Transcriptionist, you do not need to have any formal
education. If you are interested, then you can take a training course
done through distance learning, traditional schooling, on the job
training offered by hospitals and medical bodies. Recently, in some
foreign countries, 18 months to 2 years of training has become
mandatory for MT professionals.

Though the job does not
require any certification and registration, an individual may go for
one to hone his/her skills and have a successful professional career.
To be certified as a Medical Transcriptionist, you need to pass the
examination conducted by the American Association for Medical
Transcription. You can also earn the credential of a Registered Medical
Transcriptionist by the AAMT. Nevertheless, remember that to be a
successful Medical Transcriptionist, you need to have good knowledge
about the medical terms and immense experience in this field.

Extra Requirements

Medical Transcriptionist should have sufficient knowledge of the
medical terminologies. He or she should have the ability to count,
check and verify numbers with accuracy and dexterity. Again, he or she
should have the ability to follow verbal and written instructions.

If you have the zeal and perseverance, then one day you can surely become a successful Medical Transcriptionist.