CPR Certification Classes

The CPR certification classes are the shortest and most basic
medical training course for medical professionals as well as common
public. CPR an abbreviated form of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation is
one of the most valuable medical courses that you can pursue. CPR is
applied on the patients in case of emergency when they are unable to
breath. Using this technique you can get much-needed oxygen to the
patient’s brain, keeping the nerves of the brain alive long enough so
that the patient’s heart starts beating again.

There are
several schools that conduct CPR certification classes. They offer
specialized training in life-saving emergency skills. Such a course
would train you to provide immediate medical care in case of a heart
attack or stroke. You would also be taught how to keep the patient
alive in the critical moments before professional medical assistance
comes to play.

The CPR course is a vital part of most basic
Health Care curriculum. Even as a student or as a health care
professional you must have a good knowledge about right techniques for
performing CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation). This is what you learn
in a CPR certification classes. However the training is not the same
for the general public as for the paramedics.

Finding CPR certification classes

CPR certification classes are conducted by almost all the ambulance
services, fire departments hospitals, as well as community colleges.
However, this doesn’t mean that all the CPR classes are of same
standard. It is vital that you attend classes approved by reputed
organizations. In most of the states there is no single agency or
institution that accredits CPR certification. It is easy for any
unauthenticated company or agency to print CPR cards and offer CPR
certification classes.

There are some online CPR
certification classes through which you can learn CPR rapidly and
easily. These classes include video demonstrations of Infant CPR, Child
CPR, and Adult CPR. You are also provided interactive online automated
external defibrillator (AED) Demo to practice AED pad placement.

are some CPR certification classes which combine both online and
in-class instruction methods. This allows you to learn the take classes
online and then you would receive live demonstration from an instructor
and allow you to practice CPR manually.

Levels of training

you are one of those aspiring for CPR certification, your first step
would be to find which level of training you require. Choosing CPR
certification classes is more as the class names are not standard.

infant and child CPR certification classes can be handy for those of
who spends a lot of time with kids. This will train you to perform CPR
on kids under eight years of age. This could also be an asset if you
volunteer or coach at a school, community club, daycare or church.

adult CPR certification classes are the simplest and can be learned
within hours. This CPR training can help to save adults those who are
eight years old or older. This can be quite useful in workplaces or for
those hose spouses are vulnerable to emergencies.

For the
emergency medical personnel the ”basic life support for healthcare
providers” is the required CPR training. They are trained in the
techniques to remove airway obstructions (choking) for infants, adults
and children. These CPR classes teach about defibrillation, obstacles
in performing rescue breathing, ventilation devices and two-person CPR