Carribean Medical School

Carribean medical school is a kind of institution where students
coming from Jamaica, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands are trained
to set standards in medical profession. Carribean medical school
provides training in less amount of money for recognized and acceptable
medical qualifications.

Why do students prefer taking admission in this institution?

don’t require much to show for an admission in Caribbean school.
However, this is one of the reasons why so many students are flocking
each year to take admission in this institution. Being rejected from
other places, the students come here to make their dreams come true.

you need to convince the leading authorities of the school with a
medical school personal statement. This is ignored by the fact that
most medical Carribean schools usually arrange for three annual
admission cycles.

Students coming from all parts of the
world find it easy to fund for studying in this institution but the
process of getting immigration can be quite hazardous.

Some limitations of being admitted in a Carribean medical institution

all Carribean medical school and institutions are accredited. Thus, a
student passing out from one such institution may not get chance to
practice either in Canada or in USA. In some of these schools, you may
also have to face the problem of coping up with a foreign language. In
fact, in some of these schools the scope of practical exposure to
medical practice is quite limited.

What does the school offer?

medical school offers basic science curriculum during the first and the
second years of education. However, during the third and fourth years a
sort of rotation curriculum program is arranged which usually takes
place in affiliated hospitals within United States. Most of these
recognized hospitals are situated on the east coast of the United

How do students of this school stand out in society

who complete their graduation from Carribean medical school are
identified as IMGs or International Medical Graduates and FMGs or
Foreign Medical Graduates. The IMGs mostly practice in primary care and
various other non-surgical fields. This is because the IMGs do not
receive enough prestige and compensation because of their limited
competence. However, this group is in much demand in primary care


The GMU is a most notable
Carribean medical school offering study courses to students coming from
USA and Canada. These students come here with the desire to study
medicine. GMU offers unparalleled MD programs including Pre-Medicine,
Basic Sciences & Clinical Sciences.

To sum up the advantages of Carribean medical school

It is less expensive in comparison to other US and Canadian medical schools
A Carribean medical school requires low GPA and MCAT scores then most US medical schools.
Admission in such an institution is quite an easy procedure
In a Carribean medical school you have three annual admission opening periods
Here you get training for USMLE and Plab examinations
You have to spend less if you want to study staying in a Caribbean
country. This is a sort of golden study opportunity which you should
never miss