Online Medical Dictionary

Medical terminology can be very confusing, especially for those
without any background in biology or anatomy. An online medical
dictionary can help you understand more about whatever condition you or
a loved one may have. If you are reading cancer research information,
for instance, it will help you to understand terminology associated
with oncology. Or, if your are experiencing mental health issues, it
might help to know about cognitive psychology or neuroscience and the
chemistry behind your depression. In another situation, if you are
prone to heart disease or you’re having lung problems, an online
medical dictionary can help you look up information about
cardiovascular or pulmonary disease.

When you are using an
online medical dictionary, be sure that your read carefully. For
instance, hyper-thyroidism is very different from hypo-thyroidism.
Prefixes and suffixes may be just slightly different, but they can mean
very different things. An online medical dictionary can also be of
assistance when it comes to looking up prescription drug information. A
doctor will tell you how to take the medications, but it’s also good to
look up side effects, either in the information that came with the
medicine or online. That way, if you begin to experience any side
effects, you’ll know what to watch out for.

Remember that
an online medical dictionary is no substitute for the advice of your
doctor or physician. No matter what information your find, it is no
substitute for the examination and tests that a doctor can do for you.
Some diseases can only be ascertained by bloodwork or biopsies, so it’s
important to visit a doctor in addition to finding information from an
online medical dictionary.

Some online medical dictionaries
may even have useful pictures to help you pinpoint the location of your
pain. Others might describe symptoms to a greater or lesser degree,
which can help you understand the sensations you are experiencing. An
online medical dictionary can be a very useful supplement to an
examination by your doctor.