Medical Help

Medical help options for the uninsured are copious. You will not
really be deep in trouble even if you do not have any health insurance
and happen to fall ill or meet an accident. Just check out the
following options:

Mortgages And Loans

When you
have no insurance, you can seek medical help from mortgage and loan
providers. You may not have cash but you may have assets in your name.
You can mortgage your assets or use them as collaterals. You will have
enough cash to take care of your health related expenses.

Government Programs

state governments have taken up measures to establish welfare programs
for the physiological well being of the general populace. If you belong
to the minority group, you can easily go for government programs for
low cost treatment of ailments.

Alternative Medications

you cannot find traditional medical help within your reach, you can
readily turn to alternative medications like herbal medicines,
acupuncture and other affordable treatment options. (Physicians do not
certify alternative medications and therefore you have to be extremely
careful while selecting an alternative medication for an unhealthy
physiological condition.)

Personal Borrowing

you do not have a health insurance policy and you are in need of an
urgent medical help, you can borrow money from someone you know. You
can approach your friends, relatives and colleagues who trust you and
can lend you money. However, this process is not without complications.
In case you are not in a position to repay the amount within the
specified time, there is a high chance that your relationship with the
lender will definitely be spoiled.

Charitable Aid

can surely approach a charitable or non-professional organization to
help you at times of serious physiological distress. In this case, you
just have to relate your case briefly yet clearly; the heads of the
organization will decide whether you are a fit candidate for medical

Public Hospitals And Clinics

If you
are without a health insurance policy and you need medical help, you
can indeed go to public hospitals and clinics for free and effective
treatment options. If your health problem is not something fatal and
incurable, then you will not need to pay a single penny for your
treatment in public hospitals and clinical health organizations.
However, you have to show proofs that you are genuinely not in a
position to pay for your sickness. If you can do, so you have nothing
more to worry for your health.

There are several options
for preferred medical help, but you will need to stay careful when
choosing the one option you need to cure your condition.