Blood Pressure Test

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Blood pressure can be convicted as a serial killer, and, therefore, it is imperative to go for a blood pressure test at regular intervals. It is always an excellent idea to visit the doctor, even if checking your blood pressure is the only reason. Prior to going for a blood pressure test, it is important to realize what causes blood pressure. Doctors can render you an elaborative idea about the silent killer.

How Blood Pressure Test Is Done?

Blood pressure is measured by using a device that has a meter attached to a cuff (which is wrapped round the upper arm). There is also a small rubber bulb to inflate the cuff. As the cuff is inflated by squeezing the rubber bulb, blood flow is stopped momentarily. As soon as the cuff begins to deflate, blood forces into the arteries with a whooshing sound. Blood pressure reading taken at this point of time when flow of blood is resumed is known as the ‘Systolic pressure’. At this point, the blood pressure is at its peak. BP reading on the meter gauge, when the blood flow is no longer heard, is read as ‘Diastolic pressure’. At this point, the blood pressure is at its lowest. The blood pressure reading is presented in the order of Systolic/Diastolic mmHG and the normal blood pressure reads 120/80 mmHG.

Types of Blood Pressure Monitors

Blood pressure monitors are of two types – ‘Manual Blood Pressure Monitors’ and ‘Automatic Blood Pressure Monitors’. Manual monitors, better known as ‘Sphygmomanometers’, have an arm cuff attached to a squeeze bulb; there is even a stethoscope or microphone and gauge to show the blood pressure reading. The latter are easy to operate. The device has a monitor and cuff attached to it. You need only to wrap the cuff round your arm and the machine automatically does the rest of the job to the point of taking the reading.

Go For Blood Pressure Test At Timely Intervals

Unhealthy lifestyle, pressure, stress and tension can be pinned down for blood pressure problems. Hypertension can be the prime reason for high blood pressure, which can result in severe heart attack or stroke, eventually taking ones life. Hence, it becomes imperative for those above 30 years of age to go for blood pressure test. Periodic check ups help you to be aware of your present condition and avoid health problems. To ensure a systematic check up, you can straight away bring a blood pressure monitor to your home.