Blood Pressure Reading

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Blood pressure reading is important for your health. To get the right reading, you should visit a doctor and make sure that the blood pressure monitor is giving the right reading. Mistakes in reading can bring negative effects on you health.

How To Take Blood Pressure Reading?

Blood pressure reading is represented in numbers and the normal BP reads 120/80 mmHG. The numbers are measured by a blood pressure device, which measures the pressure that blood exerts on the artery walls. When the heart beats, it pumps blood into the arteries and forces the blood against the walls. This is known as ‘systolic’ pressure. In between two beats, blood pressure against the artery-wall lowers and this low BP is known as ‘Diastolic’ pressure.

A person with high blood pressure is prone to having heart attacks, stroke and other heart damages. Remember that blood pressure reading is not stable and depends upon your mental and physical condition. Stress, tension, hypertension, emotional distress, age and even obesity can cause blood pressure changes.

Nonetheless, to ensure correct blood pressure reading, it is important that the arm cuff firmly fits round the upper arm. It is, therefore, advisable to properly measure the upper arm and place order for the same size cuff from the market.

A Few Things You Should Follow To Ensure Accurate Reading

Your arm should be supported at the heart level.
You should measure your upper arm with great care so that you have the right-size cuff.
Make sure that the cuff is inflated quickly and deflated slowly.
The systolic blood pressure can be taken by placing the stethoscope on the wrist.
Avoid wearing any arm accessory when the cuff is tied round your arm.
If you have blood pressure equipment at home, then try to use the standardized measurement method.
Have your blood pressure checked at least thrice a day; this way, you will have the correct reading.

In case your blood pressure reading is very high, then you should get a thorough medical check up done by a medical professional. In order to get the right medical treatment for your condition, it is imperative that you discuss your case history with your doctor.