Wrist Blood Pressure

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A wrist blood pressure monitor is a great alternative for inflated blood pressure cuffs, especially for home uses. Most people find it an encumbrance to use blood pressure cuffs on their upper arms. It does not fit well on everyone’s arms, and for that reason, you often come up with inaccurate readings when using an inflated blood pressure cuff.

What Makes The Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor A Better Choice?

The first benefit that you have with this kind of blood pressure monitor is that you do not have to face the problem of ill fitting as the circumference of the wrist is in no way influenced by the weight of the body. Thus, such blood pressure monitors are suitable for families where more than one member needs to keep a regular track of his/her blood pressure. Moreover, wrist monitors are less expensive than the arm cuff monitors are.

What Does A Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Look Like And How Is It Used?

This particular model is comparatively smaller as compared to an arm cuff monitor. You can use the wrist monitor quite easily. The monitor comes with a display screen, which you can read without any difficulty.

The method of using a wrist blood pressure monitor is somewhat different from that of an arm cuff model. You need to raise the monitor (and hence your wrist) to the level of your heart while it is busy recording your blood pressure level. The wrist monitors come with interactive displays, which will inform you about a correct position for holding the monitor. However, if you want a near-accurate measurement, then it is best to lie down when using a wrist monitor for measuring your blood pressure level.

Special Instructions

The one thing that you cannot forget about wrist monitors is the height; hence, you must carefully note the height. If there is a problem with the height, then the reading you get can indeed be incorrect.

A wrist blood pressure monitor has been specifically designed for residential use and if the instructions of “How To Use The Machine?” are followed ditto, you are sure to come up with near-correct readings of your blood pressure level.