Skin Protection

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Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies. It is the protective barrier that evolved over millions of years to protect the inside of our bodies from the outside world. To keep it in optimum working order, we need to protect it, too.

One of the most beneficial forms of skin protection is a healthy diet. A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables is instrumental in achieving a glowing, youthful complexion. Too many additives, preservatives, dyes, and other artificial ingredients zap the vitality from our skin.

Drinking lots of water on a daily basis is another important skin protection practice to include in a healthy lifestyle. Skin keeps excess moisture, like rain, snow, and spilled laundry detergent, out of our bodies but it also keeps the vital fluids inside, too. It needs to be soft and supple to work its best and ample amounts of water, drank every day, makes that happen.

A light tan can provide a little bit of skin protection against dangerous sunburns and a little bit of sun exposure every day helps our bodies produce vitamin D, a vital companion nutrient to the calcium our bones and teeth need to be strong. Too much sun, however, is a very dangerous thing to do to the skin.

Skin cancer was once a rare disease found only in farmers, ranchers, and other rugged, crusty types who worked outdoors in harsh environments for years at a time. This is no longer the case.

As the ozone layer is thinning and outdoor leisure activities increase, people from all walks of life are developing skin cancers that can be fatal. The average age for developing these dangerous cancers is getting lower each year, too.

Skin protection against excessive sun exposure is crucial to a dewy complexion in our youth and a wrinkle-free face as we age but it may also be a determining factor as to how long we actually live. Enjoy the sun but take exposure limits seriously.

An abundance of fresh foods, lots of water every day, and limited exposure to the sun are vital to an effective skin protection regimen but be sure to keep the skin clean and adequately moisturized, too.

Don’t use harsh detergents and chemicals to cleanse the skin and be sure to use water that is warm but not excessively hot. After cleansing or showering, apply a mild moisturizing body lotion to the skin while it is still wet. This will help seal in the vital moisture needed to keep skin working and looking its best.

Effective skin protection measures are important if we expect our skin to protect us to its best ability. And the better we treat our skin, the better it looks on us.