Raw Food Diet

When many hear the words Raw Food
Diet, they often cringe. However, once doing a bit more of research
they find that this diet consist mainly of uncooked as well as
unprocessed plant life, constituting it as a vegetarian diet. The raw
food diet has been around since the beginning of time; it was first
studied in the 1800’s and has recently become more popular as now many
of Hollywood celebrities follow this plan.

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The main
objective of following a Raw Food Diet is that foods are eaten in a raw
and natural state. It is said that eating foods in this state will
allow the body to better digest the foods that is being taken in. Some
Raw Food Diet followers do heat up certain vegetables, but to ensure
that they are not cooking out the natural enzymes found in food, they
never heat it over 116 degrees F.

Some of the foods
included in a Raw Food Diet are, of course fruits and vegetables, but
it also includes nuts, seeds, beans, gains, unprocessed or organic
foods, freshly juiced fruits and vegetables and purified water. In
order to prepare this type of food you will do well to use the right
kitchen equipment such as a dehydrator, blender, juicer machine to make
fresh juices and containers to store your foods in after preparation.

Raw Food Diet at first can have a detoxing kind of affect on first time
users, you may experience symptoms such as nausea and headaches, but it
will only last for a few days. This type of diet is not easy to adhere
to if you eat out socially as most foods served in restaurants are
processed and cooked well. There is a lot of work that goes into the
preparation of the foods while on this diet, so if you live on the go
this may not be suited to your lifestyle.

Critics say
that this diet does have some drawbacks to it. You could experience
deficiencies of certain major nutrients such as, B12, protein,
calories, iron, and calcium. All of which are necessary to maintain
good health. It is not recommended that pregnant women, nursing
mothers, children, and people with anemia or osteoporosis get on this
type of diet.

Those who are on the Raw Food Diet has
reported weight loss, better skin appearance, lowered risk of heart
disease, and increased energy. Yet as with any diet check with your
medical doctor before changing your diet.