Mayo Clinic Diet

Nobody knows exactly where the Mayo Clinic Diet got its name since it
did not actually originate from the Mayo Clinic. This diet offers
combinations of foods that claim to induce fat burning. Eating
grapefruit as part of this diet is thought to be an important catalyst
in that it helps burn fat away. Many have found that they lose as much
as 1 to one and a half pounds a day while following the strict regimen
of this diet. This diet plan asks that you use their guidelines for
twelve days straight then stop for two days. In other words you will
take every other weekend off from the diet.

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Though the
Mayo Clinic Diet is thought to help heart patients lose weight quickly
and safely, it has not yet been proven. If you believe this may be the
perfect diet for you, be sure to follow all of the guidelines for this
particular diet. Cutting down on coffee, or giving it up completely, is
essential along with no caffeine. No less than eight 8oz glasses of
water should be consumed daily.  Though butter is okay to use in this
diet, sugars and starches are all eliminated. There will no longer be
breads, desserts or potatoes in your meals.

Once you’ve made the decision to start the Mayo Clinic Diet you should
research and learn about good and healthy Mayo Clinic Diet recipes.
Many find this diet to be a healthy alternative from other diets while
helping you lose weight quickly. This diet can be helpful in getting
you to meet your daily weight loss goals. Many say if your a fan of
creamy soups, you’ll enjoy this special diet. If you’re tired of the
fad diets that stop working as soon as you discontinue the diet plan,
this diet may work for you. With steps to helping you make healthier
choices in your diet, the Mayo Clinic Diet is easier to continue for a
lifetime of healthy eating.