Lower Left Back Pain

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Lower left back pain is common in most people and it may be caused due to several reasons. Are you using your back muscles inappropriately? If so, then you are sure to have a lower left back pain. Working for hours before a computer in one particular posture can cause stress in the lower part on the left side of the back. When the work is completed, you can feel the pain and it becomes quite difficult for you to return to your normal posture once again.

A lower left back pain is just a part of a large painful condition and this can affect you in several ways. A hectic life style is a common cause for such a pain. It makes your back ache badly and gradually causes stiffness in that part of the body. After this, you may be required to say “Oh! It’s so hard and painful to sit up straight”.

How Does The Pain Occur?

The weight of your upper body is usually supported by the lower back portion. While you walk, run or jog, the shock you feel in the upper part of your body is fantastically absorbed by the lower back portion.

You usually suffer from a lower left back pain after you develop an injury on the left leg, hip or back. When you move or work, a constant pressure is created over your muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, nerves, discs and bones. Moreover, continuous turning, twisting and bending make your lower back feel the pressure.

As a remedy to this painful condition, your physician may ask you to do some regular strengthening exercises. If you do so, then you have obvious chances of getting rid of excruciating lower left back pain.

Other Reasons For The Pain To Occur

A pain in the lower left back can also be caused due to infection in the left kidney. The role of sciatica is no less significant in causing this kind of a pain. When you have a pain in the left side of the lower back portion, you should visit a physician immediately.

Some Common Causes Of Lower Left Back Pain

  • Overuse of the muscles
  • Frequent lifting of heavy objects
  • Over exercising of the body
  • Constant wear and tear making the discs of cartilage between the vertebrae too thin and weak
  • A condition of over-weight
  • Poor working or sitting posture

How To Get Rid Of Lower Left Back Pain?

Rest is the best possible medicine for a condition of lower left back pain. When you take rest, your strained area is spared the extra amount of weight bearing as well as wear and tear. As for other treatments, you can apply ice packs followed by heat pads to lower strain and reduce tension (which usually takes place due to tightening of muscles). You can adopt physical therapy as a means to treat a condition of lower left back pain. When the pain becomes severe and situation seems to go out of control, surgery is the last treatment option for you to choose. Conditions will become better if you stop smoking and instead choose a healthy lifestyle.