Leg Muscle Pain

Leg muscle pain owes its occurrence to
the relative weakness in the front leg muscles and the tight calf
muscles. In a condition like this, your tight calves pull up on your
heel and this in turn pulls the front of your foot down. This is
followed by straining of the muscles, especially those that are in the
front of your legs and are not strong enough to withstand the pull.
This results in acute pain.

Who Are Prone To Leg Muscle Pain?

have often seen athletes and sportspersons go ‘ouch’ with an intense
leg muscle pain. Running is an exercise that works out the calf muscles
more than the muscles in front. There should be nothing much to fear
about the leg muscle pain, as it can be got rid of with some good
amount of stretching and very little rest.

All About Leg Muscle Pain

leg muscle pain can be very debilitating and it can affect your life
adversely, limiting your activities and making you depressed. Usually,
muscle pains engage more than one muscle and involve the soft tissues
that surround the muscles. The connective tissues that could be
affected include ligaments, fascia and tendons.

Muscle pain can also be caused because of muscle injury from a physically demanding work.

The Common Causes

are a number of reasons regarding how you can develop leg muscle pain,
like excessive exercise, arthritis, infection, muscle metabolism
disorders, muscle cramp, muscle strain, muscle injury, tension or
stress, trauma or injury, circulatory disorders, certain medicines,
using a muscle too much and unaccustomed exertion.

The Symptoms

in the central part of the leg or the calf muscle is quite common among
the players; cricketers and tennis players are no strangers to this
kind of pain. Often it may happen that you are running and face a
sudden cramp.

Elderly people find their calves stiffen
during the cold season. The muscle in this part of the leg becomes as
stiff as a stone. The affected part can be well made out with its
round-shaped appearance.

Preventing The Leg Pain

move on in life, we all have to stand, walk and run; such is the truth
of life. That is the reason that we must take ample care of our legs.
According to Ayurveda, daily massaging helps a lot and takes care of
leg muscle pain.

If you are prone to cramps and leg muscle
pain, then you should protect your legs from the air-conditioned rooms
as well as the cold temperatures, as in winters. Women can do away with
short skirts and other wears that exposes their legs in the cold climes.

can swim to keep your legs in shape and avoid the pain; but stay away
from the waters if you find it too cold. Lukewarm water is really good
for your legs.

Do not wear high heels, as you may slip in such a condition.

is advisable to massage your legs daily before going to bed. It is not
mandatory to massage the leg with oil always; you can also get the
massage done with stroking your thighs, gripping up the calf muscle and
by churning your foot.