Cabbage Soup Diet

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In the 1980’s a new fad diet emerged known as the Cabbage Soup Diet.
This weight loss diet was designed to help lose weight quickly. Many
have claimed to lose 10 pounds in one week but have found that most of
the weight loss is actually water loss and not fat loss. This weight
will usually return as soon as the diet is discontinued. While many
find this extreme diet helpful when trying to lose weight for a special
occasion, it’s not meant as a diet to continue over a long period of
time. Those using this diet have complained of weakness and feeling
light headedness during the course of this diet.

Cabbage Soup Diet offers almost no protein at all and many
nutritionists are found to be critical of this diet. There have been
many names for this diet, including Military Cabbage Soup, Sacred Heart
Diet and others. These diets all claim the same thing; that eating only
the soup for seven days will help you lose weight quickly and
efficiently. Medical professionals believe that this is not a safe or
efficient way to lose weight and many will gain the weight back as soon
as they stop using the Cabbage Soup Diet.

The original Cabbage Soup Diet is made of onions, tomatoes, peppers,
celery and cabbage. Some add a packaged onion soup mix to add more
flavor. Eating this bland soup for seven days is difficult and many are
found to feel nauseous after just a few days. Today there are several
variations of the Cabbage Soup Diet. Some have added more spices to the
soup to make it more palatable. Others have added protein shakes and
dairy, while others have decreased the sodium intake in the soup. If
you are considering the Cabbage Soup Diet, look for one that uses the
cabbage soup as a low calorie filler. Fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy
should also be a part of a healthy diet.