History of Alternative Medicine

The history of alternative medicine can be traced back to some 5000
years, when the Chinese and Indians discovered traditional and
Ayurvedic therapies to heal the body and the mind. The real objective
was to identify the deterrents in the body system, which caused the
ailments and strengthen the body’s immunity. The therapies mainly
incorporated self-care, lifestyle changes and various preventative

The normal practices that were followed at the
early stages of the history of alternative medicine include the
extractions of the bark of willow trees. Many kitchen ingredients were
also used for treating the patients. The treatments were considered as
the blessings of God, as it brought immense relief to the writhing
bodies and prayer was considered as one of the strongest weapons in
waging war against ailments.

History of Alternative Medicine – The 19th Century

the turn of the 19th century, many malpractices had permeated the
sphere of alternative medicine. It was a rather bad phase for the
history of alternative medicine as the practitioners had started
recommending flawed treatments like bleeding, use of laxatives and
leeches treatments side-by-side helpful treatments as ‘a change of air’.

History Of Alternative Medicine – 20th Century Onwards

medicine, however, witnessed the bleakest prospects in the 20th
century. It was in this period that alternative medicine was dismissed
as mere quackery, blind faith and was replaced by mainstream medical
treatment. Mainstream medical treatment proved effective and many
started visiting doctors to seek instant relief to their ailments.
Extensive researches were conducted to find relief to the critical
diseases and the great number of pills or tablets really worked wonders
for the ailing patients.

The later half of the 20th
century saw the resurgence of alternative forms of treatment. Extensive
researches in the field once again proved the efficacy of alternative
medicine. The benefits of alternative forms of treatment soon began to
be recognized by commoners and alternative medicines were deemed at par
with mainstream treatments. Since, this treatment hardly causes any
side effects, therefore many took to this treatment without the least
doubt. However, now people started considering the logical factors
before considering this treatment.

the mainstream medical treatments and the alternative treatments are
now equally ruling the market. Both are now considered as very
effective and many are resorting to them depending upon the kinds of
ailments he/she is suffering from.

Hence, the history of
alternative medicine has witnessed the rise and fall of the alternative
medical treatments. Now, however, no one can really question its