Right Side Back Pain

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The usual cause of right side back pain is a form of injury or a
strain. It is very essential to get to the root of the problem and find
out what is causing the debilitating pain, if you want to get rid of
the pain.

Stages Of The Right Side Back Pain

right side back pain starts as a faint pain in the abdomen or at the
right side of your back. The pain starts to increase slowly and
ultimately leads to an intense kind of pain. At this stage, the pain is
also accompanied by nausea, vomiting as well as a slight fever.

pain can be the outcome of urinary tract infection. If there is a
burning sensation while urinating and if there a smelly yellow
discharge or traces of blood in the urine, chances are that one is
suffering from a urinary tract infection. However, one needs to take
tests for correct diagnosis.

Disc herniation is also
responsible for right side back pain in many cases. A significant
amount of strain causes disc herniation and the pain mainly lingers on
the lower back, eventually spreading onto the right side.

stones also account for the right side back pain. As the condition of
the kidney stones deteriorate, the pain also gets acute and spreads to
the right side back and other parts of the groin. An irregular bowel
system and a bloating stomach can also result in back pain in the right

An incorrect and bad posture can also be the source
of the right side back pain. This happens owing to carrying heavy
weight regularly on the left side, no exercise and a bad mattress
imbalancing the back muscles.

What You Can Do?

side back pain may develop from a urinary tract infection and so it is
up to you to drink lots of water and fluids, say, about 8 to 10 glasses
everyday. Vow to totally abstain from alcohol, caffeine and other
strong beverages. Try to stay away from sexual intercourse until you
are totally healed; you definitely would not want to pass the infection
on to your sexual partner.

Make sure you get ample exercises
and rest and intake food that is high on fiber. Drinking lots of water
can also keep kidney stones at bay, which also can cause severe form of
right side back pain. A proper diet with plenty of water can really
keep you healthy; you just need to give it a try!

If the
problem persists, it is always advisable to get yourself thoroughly
examined by the doctor. If required, get a CT scan done and get your
urine and faeces analyzed from a pathological laboratory.