Pain in Lower Right Back

– JUST 21-DAYS –

Pain in lower right back is common with those who suffer from
stress, tension and among those who have incorrect sitting posture.
Backache is a complaint, which a doctor has to hear quite often. Before
understanding what causes the pain in the lower right back, it
important to know the structure of our lower right portion.

back is a framework of spinal column of vertebrae, connected to
tendons, ligaments, nerves and large muscles. It is an incredible
structure, which renders firmness and flexibility at the same time. A
slight injury to any of the parts can induce insufferable pain and can
paralyze you for the rest of the life. The reasons for pain in lower
right back incorporate:

Fractured bones
Injured joints
Irritation of the nerves
Straining of the muscles
Wearing of the ligaments and

Muscle Strain Can Cause Pain in Lower Right Back

lower right back is quite susceptible to muscle strain, since it bears
the weight of the torso. The lower back also makes more movement than
the upper back; therefore, the lower back tends to be in more pain.
Improper way of lifting weights or sitting in the wrong posture can
trigger extreme pain in lower right back.

Displacement or
improper resting of the muscles can cause pain in the muscles attached
to the spinal cord. Impairment to the Flexor muscle can cause pain in
lower right back. The Flexor muscle attached to the front part of the
spine gives flexibility. The Extensor muscle and the Gluteus help to
support your spine. If, however, the muscles are injured then it can
spark severe pain in the lower back.

The Oblique muscles
play an important role in providing a firm posture to your back and
help your muscles rotate. Hence, it is important to take care of your
posture to keep pain in lower right back at bay.

plays hostile to the lower right back. Stress stiffens the back and
exudes unbearable pain, which may worsen the pain. With the passage of
time, the muscles can waste and weaken, and eventually the pain can be
so extreme that you may feel numb on those areas. Exercises can be a
viable option. Doctors often recommend exercises and if you practice
them regularly, then you can be relieved of the excruciating pain.
However, remember that exercises are time consuming and you need
patience and tenacity to dispel pain in lower right back.

medications can also reduce your pain in the lower right back.
Stretching can also be adopted to dispel the pain. Maintain the right
posture of sitting or lifting up heavy loads. Avoid alcohol and smoking
and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Nonetheless, pain
in the lower right back can be caused by other reasons like, abdominal
problem or kidney problem. Hence, be sure to seek doctor’s advice
before you take up exercises as the solution.