Neck and Back Pain

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Neck and back pain can be the most common kind of pain that nags and
annoys people all over the world. Usually, people suffering from back
and neck pain recover from their ailment within a period of a few days,
weeks or months. The pain can be got rid of within a much shorter time
if the patients enter into a treatment program that is formulated to
make the core muscles in the back and neck strong.

How The Pain Occurs?

cause of the neck and back pain in adults is often not clear. An
underlying cause might be an accident or injury from the past, but it
often is not related to it directly. The injuries that can lead to the
back and neck pain can be a fall, a car accident or heavy lifting.

is always advisable to get a thorough check-up done once you face an
accident. You must make sure that you do not have any major injuries to
the discs, bone or other spinal structures. Often it happens that no
prominent injury is noted but a long-term neck and back pain develops

Neck and back pain is often aggravated by
psychological factors like disability, interference with work and other
ensuing complications.

The Various Causes

neck and back pain arises from ligament sprain, muscle strain,
fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. The serious causes of back and neck
pain include, infectious arthritis, osteomyelitis, metastatic vertebral
tumors, diskettes, spinal epidural abscess, injuries, spinal cord
compression and tumors.

The Treatment

analgesics like acetaminophen and NSAIDs are used for the treatment of
neck and back pain. You can try cold/hot compresses to get relief from
the severe muscle spasms. However, oral muscle relaxants may have some
adverse side effects; hence, intake of these pills must be avoided by
the elderly people suffering from back and neck pain.

cases of severe pain, opioids might not be very beneficial. When you
get a severe back injury, spinal manipulation can be an effective
treatment for getting some respite from the pain caused by muscle
spasms. It is to be kept in mind that certain manipulations can be
harmful for patients suffering from osteoporosis and disk disease.

the pain has reached the acute stage, you can also try the diathermy
form of treatment. Spinal traction and prolonged bed rest does not
relieve you from neck and back pain. On your part, make sure that you
stick to good nutrition, stay away from tobacco products and avoid
stress. Try avoiding putting on too much of weight.