Blood Pressure Symptoms

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There are several blood pressure symptoms. You usually suffer from blood pressure when the flexibility of the artery decreases. In case of a normal person anxiety and exercise may cause the level of your blood pressure rise abnormally. This may invite a number of diseases.

Simultaneously, blood pressure symptoms are also visible when you suffer from low blood pressure. Low blood pressure occurs when you have a sudden heart attack or when you lose a considerable amount of blood unnecessarily. When blood pressure falls there are high chances of the normal flow of blood to the brain being hampered. For this consequences can indeed be fatal.

To keep a constant track of blood pressure symptoms and level in case of both high and low blood pressure you can easily make use of a device attached to your forearm showing the fluctuations in your blood pressure level. Such a system will help your doctor have a better understanding of your condition and he will treat you accordingly.

It is very important to diagnose the blood pressure symptoms for the best possible treatment of the condition. However, blood pressure symptoms are not so easily discernible even after significant damaging of the organs. Therefore rather than noticing the symptoms it is better if you make use of sphygmomanometer for a constant measurement of your level of blood pressure.

Victims of high blood pressure suffer from symptoms such as headaches and breathlessness and on a slightest exertion conditions can be even worse. A pain in the head and dyspnea are common blood pressure symptoms. When you visit a physician with complaints of uncontrollable headache he first checks your pressure to ensure that whether the pain in your head is an outcome of high blood pressure or not. A headache can also be a warning sign of early damage to the vascular system in the brain or retina. Under such circumstances your blood pressure needs to be controlled immediately to avoid further complications.

Patients of high blood pressure who complaint of breathlessness in most cases are obese. People who are more than fifty years of age may suffer the risk of bleeding from arteries into the brain and retina. This may cause stroke and visual loss in case the bleeding continues. Such conditions are more exaggerated by the occurrence of high blood pressure. Thus, a proper treatment is required in this case.

Other high blood pressure symptoms include nose bleeding and subconjunctival hemorrhages. The term Subconjunctival hemorrhage means an amount of bleeding in the white area of the eye. If you suffer from anxiety disorders you may have symptoms like palpitations, tension headaches and hyperventilation. However, with these if you are a patient of high blood pressure the conditions might get accelerated.

Chest pain or angina is one of the most common blood pressure symptoms for those suffering from low blood pressure. If a patient of low blood pressure gets a tremendous shock then there is a rapid deterioration in the normal functioning of the organs like kidney, liver, heart, lung and brain.

Some of the common signs and symptoms of low blood pressure

Blurred vision
Depression and stress
Dizziness or lightheartedness
A feeling of thirst
A feeling of faintness
Rapid and shallow breathing
Cold, clammy and pale skin
Lack of concentration

To get rid of blood pressure symptoms the doctor may recommend you to bring about various life style changes. He may ask you to change your diet and activity level and ask you to take drugs to lower your level of blood pressure. Once you get rid of these blood pressure symptoms your life will change drastically.