Adult Acne

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Acne is most often considered a rite of passage for teenagers but
many adults find themselves facing an outbreak of acne from time to
time, also.

What is adult acne, anyway?

adult acne is merely a continuation of the condition that plagued your
teenage years and it will most likely go away during your 20s. You
might consider treating it with the same regimen you used when you were

Adult women may notice outbreaks at regular
intervals during their menstrual cycle. Hormonal changes that occur
when birth control pills are taken or stopped and any dose or
formulation changes can trigger an outbreak, too.

an unexplained outbreak of pimples is the first sign of pregnancy.
Older women experiencing the effects of menopause may find that acne is
a part of that phase in life.

What is adult acne that may affect men?

changes occur during an adult male’s life also and these changes can
cause acne. Steroid drugs can trigger an outbreak so anyone seriously
involved with bodybuilding or endurance athletics is at risk of acne if
steroids are taken to enhance performance. Of course, performance
enhancing steroid use isn’t limited to male athletes.

change in climate may trigger adult-onset acne attacks. Moving to or
visiting an environment that is hot and humid that causes a heavy
amount of perspiration may bring on acne symptoms. Leaving the climate
or allowing the time for the body to adjust to this new, muggy, climate
may be all that’s necessary to put an end to the outbreak.

tend to take more medications, prescription or otherwise, than younger
people do. There are side effects and drug interactions associated with
all medications and acne may be a result

To end the acne,
consider changing dosages or medications but do so only with your
prescribing physician’s consent and guidance. Sometimes it just takes a
while for the body to adjust to the new medication and the acne and any
other minor side effects will go away without treatment.

acne in adults usually calls for the same measures as treating acne in
an adolescent or teenager. Start with products as mild as possible and
consult a reputable dermatologist if the situation calls for more
potent measures.

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