Sports Nutrition

The concept of sports nutrition health involves several different
elements in order to ensure that athletes perform to their very best
ability.  A combination of good nutrition, physiology, and biology are
essential to good strong muscles and overall health.  The concept of
sport nutrition health includes extra elements such as supplements and
strategies that are used to help enhance the body’s ability to excel
athletically and to improve overall body composition (i.e. more muscle
than fat).  There are many different positions in the field of sports
nutrition health such as a sports nutritionist, registered dietician,
or personal trainer.  All of these require special education
backgrounds in a variety of subjects including medicine, anatomy, and
nutrition.  The application of sports nutrition health can be seen
largely in weight training but it is also prevalent in other sports
such as cycling, running, or soccer to name a few.  Anywhere stamina,
strength and endurance is needed, sports nutrition health becomes a
major focus.

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There is actually a lot of science involved
in sports nutrition health.  The study of how amino acids work in the
body is very important, since they play a role in muscular health. 
Protein and protein complexes are also emphasized.  It is important to
athletes to be very careful when taking any kind of supplement for
sports nutrition health, and they should check with their doctor before
doing so.  Insulin and protein levels should be checked as well as
overall heart condition and oxygen levels.  If athletes follow a safe
and very strict regimen, they can optimize their overall performance
and be generally very healthy as well.  They can excel in their chosen
sport by becoming stronger and having a leaner body mass (less fat). 
This can help them run faster, lift more weights, and generally be
stronger all around.