Breast Health

Women face a great deal of different health problems that do not always affect the male population. One of the most common issues is breast cancer. As a woman, breast health should be a very important part of her overall health concerns. Generally there are two different factors that affect breast health. The first are those that a woman cannot change such as age, race, and genetics. The second are those that she can prevent such as smoking, weight, and nutrition. As a woman ages, it is important that she get regular checkups and mammograms so that her doctor can give her a status on her current breast health. The chances for breast cancer increase significantly with age. Genetics and family history also play a large part. If a woman’s mother or grandmother had breast cancer, it is very important that she be aware of her own breast health and gets tested at least annually for breast cancer or other problems.

Aside from age and genetics, there are some things that all women can do to be proactive about their breast health. For example, studies have shown that women who consume larger amounts of alcohol have an almost 30% chance of getting breast cancer later in life. Smoking is obviously another factor. In fact, smoking is one of the biggest determining factors in overall health and many cancers, not just breast cancer. Women with diets high in fat, or women who are significantly overweight also need to be aware of their breast health, as studies have also shown this to be a risk factor. Some other but rarer factors include hormone therapy treatments or previous exposure to radiation in the form of therapy (such as treatment for other cancers). It is imperative that all women educate themselves about being proactive to help promote good breast health.