Gum Problems

Gum Problems or Gingivitis:  Inflammation
of the gingiva or gum.  First sign of periodontal disease, and gum
disease is the major reason adults lose their teeth.

Cause:    Early sign of hypovitaminosis ( a condition
produced by lack of an essential vitamin), diabetes, or blood dyscrasias
(abnormal or pathologic condition of the blood).  Can be related to
use of oral contraceptives.  Can be due to poor oral hygiene.


Inflammation with painless swelling, redness, change of normal contours,
bleeding, and periodontal pocket (gum detachment from teeth)


Good oral hygiene , regular dental check-ups, vigorous chewing

 Good well balance diet – vitamin C and calcium (well cleaned raw
vegetables -hard and fibrous foods clean and stimulate teeth and gums)

May require oral or topical corticosteroids

Removal of irritating factors (calculus, faulty dentures)