Common Cold

Common Cold:  Is cause by many types of
viruses.  Cold infections usually occurs during the ‘cold season’
(in the United States usually during late fall through early spring), because
most people stay indoors more frequently  usually with central heating
which tends to dry  the air and nose which is perfect for harboring
virus infections and people are in close contact with others  which
can increase the spread of cold viruses.

The common cold can infect all age groups.  Common cold symptoms
are triggered by germs or virus when attaches itself to the lining of the
nasal passages or throat.

Common cold symptoms usually last for approximately 3 – 4 days ( at
this time a patient can pass the cold virus to others).  A patient
may still feel congested for a week or more.  Colds are not usually
dangerous, except in newborns and with those with suppress immune system
(may have to seek your health care provider if you are having difficulty
breathing and or you have a high temperature (can be bacterial). and if
newborn has a cold call your Pediatrician promptly)

Cause:  There are more than 200 types of viruses that can
infect your nose and throat which causes the common cold.  It is transferred
by airborne droplets from a person who has the ‘cold’.  Sneezing,
coughing, ‘hand to nose’  ‘hand to mouth’ ‘hand to eyes’ after being
expose to the droplets can introduce the infection through these ways.


Congestion’s (head and chest)

Runny nose

May have difficulty breathing

Sore throat



Watery eye and may have burning

Feeling achy all-over



Common cold is usually cause by a virus which has to run it’s course,
there is no cure for the common cold.


Drink plenty of water

Over the counter cold remedies may help make you feel comfortable (with
all medication always ask your Pharmacist and or your doctor for proper
usage and those with other medical disorders, call your doctor before taking

Call your doctor if you have a high fever

Call your doctor if you have asthma and if you have problem breathing

For newborns – call your Pediatrician promptly

Call your doctor if condition worsen