Colic:  Acute paroxysmal abdominal pain;
pertaining to the colon.  Colic affects infants and is usually benign
and most always ends by the time a child is four months old.  It is
characterize by spates of crying that can go on for hours for no apparent
reason, and can be emotionally and physically draining for parents. 
Though colic is not a disease, doctors will diagnosis it colic if an otherwise
healthy infant up to three months old exhibits and infant who cries for
3 hours or longer that last for days to even weeks. (see symptoms)

Cause:  The exact cause of colic is unknown.  Doctors
attribute it to any number of things form hormones in breast milk and overfeeding,
allergies, and an infant’s immature digestive system.


Loud crying that can last for hours, lasting anywhere from days to weeks

While crying the baby may draw his legs to his abdomen and clenches
his hands and curls his toes.  – Prolong crying usually between 6
pm and midnight (after he has been fed) 

Crying that may begin or end with a bowel movement or the passing of


Unfortunately there is no cure for colicky baby. 

If you suspect your baby to have colic, call your Pediatrician promptly

Comfort your baby, your doctor may advise you to feed him less frequently

Parents, rest is imprortant for you, so ask friends and family for assistance
with care.

Never punish your colicky baby, be calm and talk softly to him.