Skin Cancer Symptoms

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Skin cancer symptoms are not always easy to discern given the wide variations in appearance, shape and types of skin cancer. Because of this variable nature, routine self examinations of the skin may alert an individual to changes which could be possible skin cancer symptoms.   Those people with moles or large freckles should keep a watchful eye on the spot to check for change in color, size or texture which could be the onset of skin cancer symptoms. Additionally, any mole or growth which begins to become sore or to bleed or discharge in any way should immediately be examined by a heath care professional so skin cancer testing can begin. Other skin cancer symptoms which are not as widely known include a dark spot appearing under a fingernail or toenail, or the darkening of a pigmented area.  Skin cancer is very curable in its early stages, so knowing the possible skin cancer symptoms and being diligent in noticing any changes of the skin could make all of the difference in treatment in the event of a diagnosis. 

To decrease the risk of developing skin cancer symptoms, there are some simple preventative measures which have shown to dramatically decrease the risk of developing skin cancer. Perhaps the easiest and most important of these is applying sunscreen on a daily basis. We may all know to protect our skin when relaxing on the beach, but the delicate skin on our face is exposed daily to the sun’s harsh rays as well as the skin on our arms and hands. Applying a moisturizing sunscreen in the morning will protect the skin from signs of aging and skin cancer well into the future.  Minimizing exposure by wearing a wide brimmed hat or seeking shade when the sun is at its peak will further your protection from sun damage. Indoor tanning salons should always be avoided as they deliver a direct concentration of harmful UV rays and are thought to be a risk factor for skin cancer symptoms. Skin cancer, although treatable, is also preventable by incorporating a few small common sense ideas into your daily life.