National Cancer Institute

As Americans, we don’t always know where our tax dollars go. 
Sometimes, we assume that they simply are wasted… but you’ll be happy
to learn that the National Cancer Institute, funded by the citizens of
the United States, is actually a great use of your money.

National Cancer Institute is a part of the American National Institutes
of Health and has been in existence since 1937.  Established as part of
the National Cancer Institute Act of that year, the National Cancer
Institute has a strong interest in both cancer research and cancer

Consequently, the National Cancer Institute:

Provides grants and funding for cancer research.  This enables private
organizations to conduct cancer experiments on both animals and humans
in an effort to save future lives.  Many new treatments for various
cancer types have been discovered thanks to the National Cancer
Institute’s underwriting.

– Disseminates information about
cancer types.  As a part of its ongoing cancer awareness campaign, the
National Cancer Institute develops brochures, pamphlets, and facts
pages in an effort to provide education to people of all ages and
abilities.  The more the population knows about cancer, the better the
chances that those persons affected with the condition will get an
early diagnosis.

– Works with the nation’s hospitals,
universities, private corporations, and foundations.  The National
Cancer Institute feels a strong duty to help all like-minded entities,
and thus provides support in the area of both money and training. 

– Supports a network of cancer centers.  Throughout the nation, there
are a number of cancer centers supported entirely or partially by the
National Cancer Institute.  Again, these places of learning and science
help develop new screening techniques and treatments so our society has
a better chance of winning all the battles with cancer that so many
Americans face.