Lymph Node Cancer

Lymph node cancer is a type of cancer that affects the lymphatic
system.  The lymphatic system is very important to the body.  The
lymphatic system is a set of tiny vessels that take fluid awake from
tissues and back into the blood stream.  Within the lymphatic system
there are small organs, or lymph nodes that are located in areas of the
body such as the neck, armpits, and the groin.  It is easy to see that
lymph node cancer that affects the lymphatic system can be very serious
to the whole body.  There are two different forms of lymph node cancer,
Hodgkin’s disease and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. 

initial sign of Hodgkin’s disease include swelling of the lymph glands
that are tender to the touch.  This is caused by the cancer affecting
the lymph nodes, eliminating the ability of the glands to properly
transport bodily fluids.  Other signs of Hodgkin’s disease include
tiredness, severe sweats, fevers, weight loss and itchy skin. 

If a person thinks they may have lymph node cancer, several things are
does by the doctor to check and see if the patient does indeed have
lymph node cancer.  The doctors can remove an affected lymph node gland
for testing; they can do X-rays, take a CT scan, and if needed, take a
bone marrow sample from the patient’s hip bone.

Lymph node
cancer can be treated, although the treatment is fairly extensive.
Treatment of lymph node cancer includes radiation, chemotherapy, and
sometimes surgery.  Chemotherapy is given through injections into the
patient’s veins that sometimes causes the patient’s to loose their hair
and feel nauseous.  The good thing about this illness is that if
detected early enough, it is usually able to be treatment affectively.

If a person feels that their lymph nodes are swollen for an unnatural
period of time, a time longer than the period where lymph nodes are
swollen during flu like illness, it is important to get checked out. 
Lymph node cancer is quite serious, but if caught in time, is usually