Cancer Cure

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Cancer is a disease that affects many people throughout the US and the rest of the world.  In fact, it is estimated that one half of men and one third of women sometime is there life.  Many people wonder if there is a certain cancer cure that can rid people of their disease.  While there is no specific cancer cure developed for all types of cancers, some treatments do provide a cancer cure for certain forms of the disease.  Some popular types of treatment for cancer include chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. 

Chemotherapy is often used as a cancer cure in somewhat serious, but not extremely advanced cases.  Chemotherapy drugs are usually given in a series of treatments that usually involve pills given in caplet form.  Chemotherapy drugs are meant to stop cancerous cells from dividing and reproducing.  These drugs are carried through the blood and can reach cancer that is in many parts of the body.  This cancer cure method is great because once the chemotherapy drugs damage parts of the body, healthy cells are about the fix the damage and cancer cells are not, and therefore the cancer cells eventually dies.  There are some side effects to chemotherapy because certain parts of the body are very sensitive to the drugs.  These sensitive body parts include the lining of the mouth, bone marrow, hair follicles (which is why people sometimes loose their hair during treatment) and the digestive system.

Another form of treatment used as a cancer cure is radiation.  While radiation does kill the cancer, it also can kill normal tissue and therefore can be very obtrusive to the patient.  Many people with cancer get radiation treatment, especially people in later stages of cancer; in fact, about 50 percent of all cancer patients get radiation treatment as part of their cancer cure plan.