Bad Breath

Quick & Easy Cure for Bad Breath

Bad Breath or Halitosis:  Foul odor from the mouth. 
Good oral hygiene and a well balance diet usually results in fresh smelling
breath.  In some cases halitosis can be a signal of a serious health

Cause:  Usually results from poor oral hygiene.

Plaque is the major cause of bad breath.  Plaque is the sticky
coating of food particles, saliva, and bacteria on the teeth.

Certain foods and spices can attribute to bad breath, such as; garlic,
salami, pepperoni, anchovies, cheese, and certainly smoking and alcohol.

Lack of food and water can also lead to bad breath.  Saliva aids
to clean the mouth, eating and drinking stimulates saliva flow.

(if after flossing and brushing teeth and a well balance diet does not
seem to help relieve bad breath, SEE YOUR DOCTOR for further evaluation)
because certain medical disorder such as and not limited to; TB, diabetics,
sinusitis, gum disease, post nasal drip, and cancer can be the culprit.
Certain drugs can be the cause.


Foul, stale odor coming from the mouth 

May have foul odor coming from the nose


Good oral hygiene:  brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice
a day.  You may want to brush teeth after meals because food particles
may be lodge in between teeth’s.

Baking soda helps deodorizes the breath

Eliminating strong smelling foods and spices

Eat a well balance diet and plenty of water

See your dentist regularly and for  proper dental cleaning 

See your MD and dentist for proper diagnosis of bad breath

Brush your tongue (gently sweep the top of your tongue with your toothbrush)

Note:  mouthwash, gums/mints are only temporary cover ups
for bad breath

Note:  Coffee, beer, wine, and whiskey are at the top of
the list of liquid offenders.  They leave a residue that can attach
to the plaque in your mouth and infiltrate your digestive system.