Adenoid Hyperplasia

Adenoid hyperplasia:  This is a pretty common
childhood health condition, which involves an enlargement of the lymph
glands that are located above the back of the child’s mouth. This is
also called the nasopharynx, and is above the tonsils but hidden behind
the palate in the mouth. This condition is similar to tonsillitis but
is harder to see since the palate hides the lymph glands, because of
this a small mirror tool is need by the Doctor to check for the

Cause:  Many times adenoid
hyperplasia is caused by the regular patterns of growth for the type of
tissue that it is. Less often, the adenoid hyperplasia is because of
constant throat infections that are caused by things such as the common
cold virus or strep throat.


Painful and red tonsils
Trouble swallowing
Enlargement of lymph nodes below the jaw
Breathing through the mouth rather than the nose
Excessive snoring
Frequent and lengthy battles with nasal congestion
The patient might also show signs of nocturnal respiratory insufficiency
General discomfort in the area is also common.


The common treatment in the past was always surgery called an
Adenoidectomy, which is similar to a tonsillectomy. Medical opinions
changed over the years as scientists and doctors realized that this
tissue is important for the child’s immunity. Studies have shown that
most children without tonsils or adenoids only produce half the
immunity to the oral polio vaccine. There are many different herbal
treatments and other solutions as well, such as antibiotics and a
procedure called a tympanostomy, which is a surgical drainage of
infections through the eardrum.