Jock Itch

Jock Itch also known as Tinea cruris or
infection of the groin
:  It is an infection of the groin area
a fungi called dermatophytes. It is a common skin disorder that occurs
in men.  It can sometimes accompany athlete’s foot or any of the ringworm
(Tinea) fungal infections. The fungi that cause jock itch, thrive in moist,
warm areas.  Poor hygiene, prolonged moist skin are some of the cause
of tinea infections.  Tinea infections are contagious and can be passed
by direct contact or by contact with items such as clothing and towels. 
Jock itch is usually contain to the groin and does not usually does not
involve the scrotum or penis. 


Itching of the groin, anal area, and the skin fold of the thigh

Skin rash redness


Skin may be abnormally dark or light


Good hygiene is essential for the prevention of jock itch

Antifungal medication or drying powders

Keeping area clean and dry, avoid chafing

Avoid tight rough textured clothing

For severe case, or chronic infection , your doctor may prescribed
and oral antifungal medication and or some oral antibiotic

 * Prompt treatment will eliminate complications, and secondary
bacterial skin infections.

 * With all medication, use as prescribed by your doctor.